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Driving an Autonomous Vehicle on a Track with Recorded Synthetic Data

Today’s blog post is written by Veer Alakshendra, Education Technical Evangelist on the Student Competition team at MathWorks.
With advancements in the automotive industry, various student… read more >>

Deploying Algorithms from MATLAB and Simulink to NVIDIA DRIVE AGX

This is the second post of our two–part series on how MathWorks platforms support AV developers who use NVIDIA DRIVE Sim and deploy algorithms to NVIDIA hardware (See Part 1 here).  In this… read more >>

Building an Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Simulation Toolchain with Simulink, RoadRunner and NVIDIA DRIVE Sim

Today’s blog is written by MathWorks Product Marketing team: Avi Nehemiah, Peter Fryscak and Mike Sasena.
This blog will provide an overview of how three of MathWorks’ platforms —  MATLAB,… read more >>

Simulation, Scenarios, and Self-Driving – the SAE AutoDrive Way

Today’s guest blogger is Akshra Narasimhan Ramakrishnan, Education Technical Evangelist on the Student Competition team at MathWorks. She is here to talk about the models of the winners of the 2020… read more >>

What’s New in Automated Driving in MATLAB and Simulink?

MATLAB and Simulink Release 2019b has been a major release regarding automotive features. The following article focuses on the automated driving highlights, namely the 3D simulation features. These… read more >>

Prototyping Perception Systems for SAE Level 2 Automation

Today’s guest post is by David Barnes. David is a graduate intern at the MathWorks, and he also serves as the Engineering Manager for The University of Alabama (UA) EcoCAR Mobility Challenge team…. read more >>

Students aiming for SAE Level 4 Autonomy by 2020 – AutoDrive Challenge™

This post is the first of a loose series in the racing lounge blog featuring highlights of the AutoDrive Challenge™, especially those around modeling and simulation.

Figure: Panoramic photo of all…