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Dive into the Water: Design a PX4 based Underwater Robot with MATLAB

In today’s post, Liping from the Student programs team will share how a student team used MATLAB and the PX4 platform to design an underwater robot and won the China Graduate Electronic Design… read more >>

YOLOv2 Object Detection: Deploy Trained Neural Networks to NVIDIA Embedded GPUs 4

Inference model running on an NVIDIA Jetson

Our previous blog post, walked us through using MATLAB to label data, and design deep neural networks, as well as importing third-party pre-trained networks. We trained a YOLOv2 network to identify… read more >>

MATLAB and Simulink at the French Robotics Cup

In this post, Jean-Paul Marcade talks about how MathWorks tools are helping teams at La Coupe de France de Robotique and Eurobot robotics competitions. Jean-Paul is in the Engineering Development… read more >>

It’s time for the MathWorks Minidrone Competition!

Today’s guest post is by Maitreyee Mordekar. Maitreyee is in charge of the MathWorks student drone competitions. She’ll announce the MathWorks Minidrone Competition and share essential information… read more >>

Students aiming for SAE Level 4 Autonomy by 2020 – AutoDrive Challenge™

This post is the first of a loose series in the racing lounge blog featuring highlights of the AutoDrive Challenge™, especially those around modeling and simulation.

Figure: Panoramic photo of all…

Code Generation: Run MATLAB Code and Simulink Models Anywhere! 1

I would like to start by wishing all of you a Happy New Year! In the spirit of the New Year and trying out new things we want to introduce you to our latest series of student competition tutorials on… read more >>

Mastering Autonomous Parking using Simulink and ROS


Today’s guest post is by Maximilian Mühlbauer. Maximilian was head of autonomous driving at TUfast Eco for the last season and will share their autonomous journey for the 2018 Shell… read more >>

Flying Drones Using Simulink 3

Today’s guest post is by Maitreyee Mordekar. Maitreyee is in charge of the MathWorks student drone competitions. She’ll be sharing first hand experience from an event where students were… read more >>

No Robot? No Problem! – Program Robots Using Simulations 2

Today,  Jose Avendano Arbelaez shares another guest post with us. Make sure you let us know your thoughts in the comments section.
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Robotics programmers have been putting more emphasis on… read more >>

Speedgoat and MathWorks Jointly Supporting Automotive Student Teams

A Unique Support Package
Speedgoat and MathWorks are offering a unique support package to select Formula Student teams.
Apply now:

Some…