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Project-Based Learning: Five Key Features To Motivating Students 2

Many students I know take issue with Plato’s famous quote: “Students are lazy, disengaged and have bad manners” (The Republic VIII, 562b-563e). Stepping back from the ‘bad manners’ accusation,… read more >>

Solver Choice for Simulink and Simscape 3

This blog post intends to provide best practices for choosing solvers in Simulink and Simscape. Gratitude goes to Tom Egel and Erin McGarrity whose materials are the foundation for… read more >>

Torque Vectoring – KIT Team Sharing Vehicle Controls Success Story 4

Ka.Race.Ing-Team at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology volunteered to share in depth and hands-on their approach around vehicle controls and torque vectoring in particular. They are winners of the… read more >>

Getting Started with MATLAB, Simulink, and ROS

Sebastian Castro is back to talk about the basics of connecting MATLAB and Simulink with the Robot Operating System (ROS).
NOTE: As of R2015a, Robotics System Toolbox equipped MATLAB and Simulink… read more >>

Advantages of Vehicle Modeling – Don’t Miss Out! 9

In today’s blog post I am happy to introduce Ed Marquez Brunal, a first-time guest in this blog.  This is a holistic summary of our project on modeling vehicles. Find 4 videos and 2 MATLAB Central… read more >>

Racecar: Small – Workflow: Professional

In today’s blog post I am happy to introduce Jose Avendano Arbelaez, a first-time guest in this blog. We have been collaborating on a nice hardware-software demo including a (model)… read more >>

Introduction to Contact Modeling 34

Introducing the team – Part 2 1

This blog post is the second and final part introducing the MathWorks student competition team. We are 8 folks located in Boston (US), Cambridge (UK) and Munich (DE) with a key mission to equip… read more >>

From Design Engineering to Race Engineering 4

Today I’d like to introduce a guest blogger, Håkan Richardson, who presented in a racing lounge video a while ago. I hope you enjoy to read about how he evolved from a student who is passionate… read more >>

Introducing the team – Part 1

In this blog post I have the great pleasure to introduce the MathWorks student competition team. We are 8 folks located in Boston (US), Cambridge (UK) and Munich (DE) with a key mission to equip… read more >>

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