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Where are they now? – Daniel Tran, BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi Switzerland)

Today we’re talking to Daniel Tran from BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi Switzerland). As a Materials Science student at ETH Zürich between 2022 and 2023, Daniel participated in the MATLAB Student Ambassador Program.

Where are you currently working after completing the student ambassador program?

I am currently employed as a Process Engineer at BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi Switzerland). Besi is a developer and manufacturer of leading-edge die attach machines and equipment for semiconductor packaging.

In your current role at Besi do you use MATLAB/Simulink?

Yes, MATLAB is used for the motion control and sequence of our machines’ axes. We are also using MATLAB as a simulation tool to estimate the production speed of our machines. Within the simulation tool, which is designed with the MATLAB App Designer, we model the machine’s movement sequences with specific conditions, for instance, a certain product or configuration. The simulation allows us to estimate the number of devices per hour that the machine is theoretically capable of producing, without physically setting up the machine. This estimation can be crucial information for customers, but also internally for the development of new modules and to identify bottlenecks within the process.
Furthermore, we have a tool based on MATLAB that allows us to import and process signals from the machine. This is used to check and verify the timing of processes that the machine is executing, which gives us information about the current state of the machine.

What big project are you working on right now or will be soon?

I am currently in charge of maintaining and expanding the simulation tool based on MATLAB, as well as the signal processing tool. This includes cross-checking between machine and simulation data to ensure the integrity of one another. Since the machine is extraordinarily complex and optimized to yield the highest efficiency possible, it can be quite challenging to mirror it with a simulation. Therefore, my work is strongly focused on picking apart the process and replicating the sequences for all conditions.

Do you think being a MATLAB Student Ambassador helped you receive a job offer?

100%. Since my position heavily includes work with MATLAB, being a MATLAB Student Ambassador was a crucial point that gave me the nod throughout the hiring process. It was often a good argument to show your interpersonal skills during interviews as well.

Do you think the technical and interpersonal skills you learned in the MATLAB Ambassador program will help you throughout your career?

The position was a fun and great way to improve my creativity and critical thinking skills for all sorts of organizational and logistical challenges. At the same time, the Ambassador program gave me a fantastic opportunity to dig deep into the various courses and toolboxes of MATLAB and Simulink, which in turn helped me to improve my programming techniques with MATLAB. The range of applications for MATLAB is endless and from my experience, MATLAB skills are highly valued in the industry. Therefore, there was no doubt that it would greatly benefit me throughout my career, which was already proven right.

Did your hands-on experience in the ambassador program help to prepare you for your first role in the industry?

The interpersonal skills certainly helped me to prepare for the role. Thanks to the MATLAB knowledge that I attained during the ambassador program, I was able to quickly settle into my new position and have already taken over major responsibilities for the MATLAB-based tools used in the company.

Why did you want to become a MATLAB Student Ambassador?

Since I was a teaching assistant before becoming a Student Ambassador, I liked the idea of organizing my events while creatively teaching student’s cool stuff. Moreover, the programming lectures throughout my bachelor’s were based on MATLAB, where I thoroughly enjoyed learning the language. Hence, the role seemed to be a good fit for me.

How did you learn about being a MATLAB Student Ambassador?

I found the position via LinkedIn when I was in search of a part-time occupation to accompany my master’s program. If you are Interested in applying, check out the open MATLAB Student Ambassador positions found here!

What was the most fun part about being a MATLAB Student Ambassador?

I found the events themselves, especially the exchanges with the participating students most fun. Also, the feeling of accomplishment after an event was a nice bonus. The preparation for an event could be very intense at times but I enjoyed the experience and had a lot of fun figuring out ways to engage students.

Would you recommend the MATLAB Student Ambassador program to other students?

Being an ambassador is very engaging but at the same time it is not too time-consuming, hence it is a great side occupation next to studying. If you find enjoyment in organizing your own events and teaching things to students, the program can be a cool side project throughout the semester and certainly helps you connect with people.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone for certain tasks, but it is an unbelievably valuable experience.
  • Students can eat an infinite amount of Pizza. No matter how much you will get for the events, the feedback will always include getting more Pizza for the next event.
  • While organizing your event, many people are glad to support you with your activities. It is always worth a shot to ask for help, and even if people cannot help you, they often offer you alternative contact points.

What advice would you give other students seeking employment post-grad?

I think that as a post-graduate, it is important to have an open mind and follow the things that interest you. Even though you have completed a certain course of study, it does not mean that you must fit into the exact mold. If you see a position that you like, do not shy away from applying even if you think that your study does not fully match the requirements. Be confident in your skills and expectations!

Is there anything else that you would like to add?

Special thank you to Res Joehr for your support in the Ambassador Program.

Thank you for your time and congratulations, Daniel Tran!

Are you interested in becoming a MATLAB Student Ambassador? Check out our open positions here.

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