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結果: Data Science

The BioMassters Challenge Starter Code 1

Joining us today is Grace Woolson, who joined the student programs team in June 2022 to support data science challenges and help participants use MATLAB to win! Grace will talk about a new data… 続きを読む >>

Building Regression Models: A Tutorial for the WiDS Datathon 2022

Hello! I am Grace Woolson, an Application Support Engineer at the MathWorks. We are excited to support the Women in Data Science Datathon 2022 by providing complimentary MATLAB… 続きを読む >>

Applying Deep Learning for European Rover Challenge purposes

Today’s guest blogger is Michał Hałoń who has been taking part in the European Rover Challenge for several years as a team member of the SKA Robotics project from the Students’ Space… 続きを読む >>

Deep Chimpact: Depth Estimation for Wildlife Conservation – MATLAB Benchmark Code

As promised in our last blog, here we are with the MATLAB benchmark code for the Deep Chimpact: Depth Estimation for Wildlife Conservation Challenge.
James Drummond, from MathWorks Engineering… 続きを読む >>

Depth Estimation in the Wild

Hello all, we at MathWorks, in collaboration with DrivenData, are excited to bring you the data science challenge –Deep Chimpact: Depth Estimation for Wildlife Conservation
Through this… 続きを読む >>

Q&A with 2020 Advance Alzheimer’s Research with Stall Catchers Data Science Challenge MATLAB Bonus Award Winners

Today’s Blog feature is a Q&A with Azin Al Kajbaf and Kaveh Faraji, MATLAB Bonus Award Winners of Clog Loss: Advance Alzheimer’s Research with Stall Catchers Challenge
Azin Al Kajbaf and Kaveh… 続きを読む >>

Where Are They Now? – Christopher Musco, New York University

Today we’re talking to Christopher Musco who previously competed in the MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge and is now an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at New York… 続きを読む >>

Read the Room – Hacks for the Virtual Classroom

This past year has brought about some fundamental changes in the way education is imparted – video calls, online group projects, funky virtual backgrounds, not being able to catch up on that… 続きを読む >>

Introduction to MATLAB for Python Users

Today’s blog is written by Jennifer Rebbin, Jennifer is an Application Support Engineer with the Engineering Development Group at MathWorks. In this blog, she shares some important concepts that will… 続きを読む >>

MATLAB, Machine Learning & Movies… The Perfect Combination

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but no one said anything about movies, right?? In today’s post, I am pleased to welcome the winners of the “Most creative use of MATLAB” Award at TAMU… 続きを読む >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 25