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MATLAB Mobile iPad App

We are pleased to introduce MATLAB Mobile 3.0! This is a universal app, with UIs for both iPad and iPhone. You can download it today from the App Store.

iPad Landscape Screenshot


What’s New in MATLAB Mobile Version 3.0

  • MATLAB Mobile iPad app
    Many of you have been asking for a dedicated iPad app. It’s here, enjoy!
  • Redesigned figure and snapshot views
    Figures and snapshots are combined into a single list for a streamline interface and easy access to a gallery of all the plots you have ever created on the device.
  • Better zooming capabilities for 2D figures
    When you have a live 2D figure, you can now zoom with the axes fixed.
  • New keys and symbols in extended keyboard
    Typing MATLAB code can still be a bit foreign on phones and tablet devices. We’ve added several commonly used keys to our extended keyboard. Tap and hold to discover more options.
  • Automatic parentheses matching
    This is my favorite app feature in this release. We all know brackets and parentheses are widely used in MATLAB code. This saves you the headache of closing and matching brackets.

If you have an iPhone or iPad give us feedback for this version!

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