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A New Rich Editor for MATLAB Answers

This post comes to us courtesy of David Wey. David leads the MathWorks Online Community group in our Natick office.
If you use MATLAB Answers, you may have wondered why you enter your question (or… read more >>

Speed Up Your GUIs With Profiling 6

I bet most of the people that use the MATLAB Profiler run their code through the little “Run This Code” box at the top of the Profiler UI. When you do this the profiling happens only for… read more >>

GUIDE GUIs in All One File 3

MATLAB has so many features that’s it’s impossible to learn all of them. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me when I meet someone who tells me “it would be great if MATLAB… read more >>

Using UIWAIT/UIRESUME to control program flow 2

When you run a MATLAB callback from a GUI that callback will normally run to completion. There are times when you may want to temporarily suspend execution until the user does something: such as… read more >>

Putting the tab into a GUI 21

One of our intrepid readers, Ahmet, recently emailed me asking support for tab panels in GUIDE. After getting myself past “why would anyone want to use tabs?” I started to think about the… read more >>

More dialogs than you can shake a stick at 6

I’m going to continue my dialog discussion from two weeks ago with more of the MATLAB dialog gallery. I feel a bit like a car salesman, we’ve got so many dialogs to choose from…. read more >>

The GUI way of doing things 16

While I like to write software for my own pleasure, sometimes I write programs to be used by other people--meaning I have to implement a user interface. I like the input function for asking simple... read more >>

Interactive web pages in MATLAB, part 4 5

A few weeks ago Ashwin commented on my Interactive web pages in MATLAB series from last year asking about computing data in MATLAB and putting back into a web page. I didn’t take the time back… read more >>

Internationalization of GUIs 9

Recently, Mario asked on the MATLAB newsgroup about how to provide a localized version of his GUI made in GUIDE. This is an interesting problem with no official, but many worthwhile solutions.
Right…

The Keys to Moving and Resizing Docked Windows 2

Have you ever been stuck using a computer without a working mouse or equivalent pointing device? It can be an interesting experience. It’s surprising how much you can do with just the keyboard. For… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 14