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New Cody Contest Underway

Because of the amazing contributions from community members like you, Cody has lots and lots of interesting problems to solve. In fact, it has so many problems that it can start to feel like a… read more >>

Images in Cody Problems

Today I get to tell you about a feature I’ve been lusting after for years: proper rich text in Cody with embedded images. Up until now, the best you could do was reference an image that lived… read more >>

Circles All the Way Down

This is a story about how ideas  and code bounce around our shared social spaces. This one went from Twitter to GitHub to my computer and now to you in my blog. Social serendipity has really been… read more >>

Nor’easters and Wind Roses 1

Where I live, in the northeast part of the United States, we have a special storm that goes by the name “nor’easter”. Do we call it that because that’s where we live? No. We… read more >>

Leap Days on Mars 1

February 29th is right around the corner. It’s been hibernating for the past three years, snuggling in its secret den between February 28th and March 1st. But it’s just about to emerge… read more >>

Head Over Heels in Love

This is what happens when two logarithmic spirals love each other very much.
% Vary k from 1.5 to 3.5
k = 1.5;
t = linspace(0,k*pi,200);

r = exp(t);
x = r.*cos(t);
y =…