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MATLAB Mobile iPad App 40

Posted by Daniel Sutoyo,

We are pleased to introduce MATLAB Mobile 3.0! This is a universal app, with UIs for both iPad and iPhone. You can download it today from the App Store.

iPad Landscape Screenshot


What’s New in MATLAB Mobile Version 3.0

  • MATLAB Mobile iPad app
    Many of you have been asking for a dedicated iPad app. It’s here, enjoy!
  • Redesigned figure and snapshot views
    Figures and snapshots are combined into a single list for a streamline interface and easy access to a gallery of all the plots you have ever created on the device.
  • Better zooming capabilities for 2D figures
    When you have a live 2D figure, you can now zoom with the axes fixed.
  • New keys and symbols in extended keyboard
    Typing MATLAB code can still be a bit foreign on phones and tablet devices. We’ve added several commonly used keys to our extended keyboard. Tap and hold to discover more options.
  • Automatic parentheses matching
    This is my favorite app feature in this release. We all know brackets and parentheses are widely used in MATLAB code. This saves you the headache of closing and matching brackets.

If you have an iPhone or iPad give us feedback for this version!


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Simon replied on : 3 of 40

It looks really cool!

Unfortunately, it won’t let me create a userid. After i input my email and password for my Mathworks account, it automatically tries to connect to the cloud and returns the error message “Unable to login because the user does not have a userid”.

Is there another way to create this id?

daniel replied on : 4 of 40

@Dan and @Clayton
Thank you for your feedback.

I be happy to troubleshoot this for you. Since I will need some of your account information, it’s best if we do this through email.

Julian replied on : 5 of 40

I notice that your favourite app in this release is “Automatic parentheses matching” which sounds great. Sadly I can’t try this out because I don’t have an iPhone (I do have an Android), but I am guessing it will be similar to a neat feature I have seen elsewhere – you type an open bracket ( or { and the matching closing bracket ) or } is added automatically but with the cursor inside the bracketed expression. The question is can we please have such a feature on the MATLAB desktop too, this being I imagine the default environment for MATLAB work?

John replied on : 6 of 40

I am also having the same “Unable to login because the user does not have a userid” message and I have an existing matlab account associated with our commercial license. Would you assist me as well Daniel?


Todd replied on : 7 of 40

I too am receiving an error: “unable to login because the user does not have a user id”. Has anyone identified a solution for this? Thanks!

mkwak replied on : 8 of 40

I have the same error “Unable to login because the user does not have a user id”.
Daniel, please send an email about the error to me as well.

daniel replied on : 9 of 40

@Todd and @mkwak

We are investigating this issue. Once I have an update I will contact you individually and post an update in the blog post. Thanks for your patience.

Michael replied on : 11 of 40

Daniel, I am also having the same issue as Todd and mkwak. Could you contact me as well when the issue has been resolved? Thanks!

Brian replied on : 13 of 40

I also am getting the “Unable to login because the user does not have a user id” error. Could you please help me as well? Thanks in advance.

daniel replied on : 14 of 40

@Brian, and users who are encountering the user id error

Feel free to leave a comment below if you like to receive an email once the issue has been resolved.

If I do not respond to your comment directly, it does not mean I won’t email you. I will provide an update as soon as I can.

Michael Katz replied on : 17 of 40

@Dan, @Clayton and others,
Re: Android. We’re currently working on an Android solution for MATLAB Mobile. Stay tuned here when we’re ready to announce.

Guillaume replied on : 18 of 40

Same problem: i have an end user license , i installed the connector and matlab mobile today, but this one tells me i don’t have an userid…?! Please let me know how to fix this issue ! Thanks

Bugra replied on : 24 of 40

Just downloaded matlab mobile on my iphone. Have an account number and license but I am having the same userid problem as well.

Michael Katz replied on : 25 of 40

Hey all, we must released MATLAB Mobile 3.0.1 in the app store. This fixes the User ID issue. When you log in, you should be brought to a screen where you will be prompted to create a user id. Let us know if you continue to experience log on issues.

Michael Katz replied on : 28 of 40

We are still evaluating platforms beyond iOS and Android, but have nothing to announce at this time.

Ekendra replied on : 29 of 40

This must be request from a huge Android base community; and we are sure that you will surprise us soon with Android based version soon! Thank you, while we wait a while!

Peter replied on : 33 of 40

Would love to see MATLAB on my Android Tablet with Android 4.0 ICS (Transformer Prime). This coupled with my keyboard dock will make my Uni life (studying Engineering) a lot easier!

George replied on : 34 of 40

Hi – is it possible to save files to the iPad when using the Cloud connection ? That would make cloud use much more productive, like using the home computer connection but without having to make sure my home machine is on when I’m traveling.

– thanks

Erbay Çorbacı replied on : 36 of 40

hi, first of all i don’t have any license , i only download it for my iphone and create an account, i was in step 3 and i need license number ? anyone can help thx

Pradeep Ramamoorthy replied on : 37 of 40


To use MATLAB Mobile, you need to have a MATLAB license that is up-to-date on Software Maintenance Service.

Mike Hasenfratz replied on : 38 of 40

How do I change my account email? I used my home email and password (old account). I need to change to my work email, no method can be found.


Dave replied on : 40 of 40

After my last update of the mobile app on my iPad, I get a keyboard that is split in two (left hand keys on left, right hand keys on right), with grayed out blank space in the middle, and the whole keyboard blocks vision of the input line so I can’t see what I’m typing. There’s probably a swipe of some sort that will fix this, but couldn’t find it anywhere.