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Introducing Community Profile Pages

This week, guest-blogger David Wey welcomes the new community profile pages. David is a Senior Developer for MathWorks community sites.

Community Improvements: New Profile Pages

by David Wey

Have you ever wondered who created the file you’re looking at on the File Exchange, or who that nice person was that answered your question on MATLAB Answers? Maybe you thought to yourself I wonder what else that person has done? As of this week answering these questions got a lot easier.


Our latest update to MATLAB Central includes new profile pages. These pages aggregate content from across all the MATLAB Central areas, thus easing the pain of having separate profile pages for each area (Answers, Cody, File Exchange, and so on). On these profile pages you’ll be able to see how active the person has been and how recently they’ve participated in the community. You will see all their answers, files, Cody problems, trends, and links.


To view someone’s new profile page, click on any author link wherever you see it, whether in Cody or the File Exchange. The popup displays a summary of information related to that area of MATLAB Central (such as the File Exchange or Answers). Click again on the user name to view the profile page or click on the other labels to see their submissions as a filtered search.


We hope you’ll enjoy the new profile pages and we welcome your thoughts and reactions. Check out some of your favorite community member pages, as well as your own, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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