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How Long Is a Winter’s Day? 2

Happy December! The days sure seem longer in the winter. Of course, there are fewer hours of daylight. But the actual span of the day seems longer. Or is that just a psychological effect? Let’s… read more >>

Savitha Talks About Kubernetes

I’m happy this week to be talking to a fellow MathWorker: Savitha Raghunathan. Why, you may ask, should I use the MATLAB Community blog to talk to someone I work with? Because Savitha is a… read more >>

New Cody Contest Underway 3

Because of the amazing contributions from community members like you, Cody has lots and lots of interesting problems to solve. In fact, it has so many problems that it can start to feel like a… read more >>

Images in Cody Problems

Today I get to tell you about a feature I’ve been lusting after for years: proper rich text in Cody with embedded images. Up until now, the best you could do was reference an image that lived… read more >>

Double Your Pleasure – Fun with Shifty Digits 6

You’re in for a guest-blogging treat today. But first…
What is the relationship between the number 1947 and 7194? Look closely and you’ll see that they’re identical, except… read more >>

Cody Problem Visualization, Revisited

Way back in 2013 I did a blog post about visualizing Cody problems. The idea was to take various metrics for each problem and let people plot them in different ways. The resulting visualization is… read more >>

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Funding Open for MATLAB Community Toolboxes 2

Today’s post is a guest entry from Vijay Iyer, Neuroscience Community Liaison at MathWorks.
MATLAB users in research have a long tradition of sharing their code with others to use, learn from,… read more >>

MathWorks Documentation has a fresh look: Check out our new Help Center 7

You may have noticed that MATLAB Online Documentation now sports a different UI. For this post, I’d like to welcome Wendy Fullam, the Product Manager for documentation, to talk about what’s… read more >>

Circles All the Way Down

This is a story about how ideas  and code bounce around our shared social spaces. This one went from Twitter to GitHub to my computer and now to you in my blog. Social serendipity has really been… read more >>

Community Q&A – Kalyan Acharjya 3

Kalyan Acharjya has been contributing to MATLAB Answers since 2017. This past year his participation skyrocketed and he is currently a Rising Star. Here is a recent Q&A I had with Kalyan
       …

Posts 1 - 10 of 18