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2011 In Review

Posted by Michael Katz,

Well another year is almost complete. Once again we had two successful releases: MATLAB R2011a and R2011b. Today I feel like listing some of our achievements and share some interesting stats…. read more >>

MATLAB Startup Accelerator 2

Posted by Michael Katz,

Another new feature of MATLAB R2011b is the Startup Accelerator, which improves MATLAB startup time on Windows by caching important files that MATLAB needs to properly launch. This is done through a scheduled task that runs periodically to update the cache. In a normal installation of MATLAB, there is nothing… read more >>

Using Dates in MATLAB 4

Posted by Michael Katz,

Three weeks ago I wrote about MATLAB's new spreadsheet import tool. Since then I've had a few conversations regarding using dates in MATLAB; dates are common as column headers or table data. The import tool will turn Excel dates into MATLAB datenums. A datenum in MATLAB is just a double... read more >>

4 Uses of MATLAB Mobile This Thanksgiving 3

Posted by Michael Katz,

1. Chef Aide
When cooking a large meal, I often need to make quick calculations and substitutions. For instance, how to handle measuring when all my tablespoons are in the sink? After pre-loading the Units Conversion Toolbox from the file exchange into MATLAB, I can figure out a workaround lickety-split:… read more >>

The New Spreadsheet Import Tool 1

Posted by Michael Katz,

One of the most exciting new features in MATLAB R2011b is the Spreadsheet Import Tool. This tool makes it easy to import data from Microsoft Excel and comma-separated value (CSV) files. The spreadsheet import tool allows you to preview the file and then select the range and format of the… read more >>

Function Name Case Sensitivity in MATLAB R2011b 18

Posted by Michael Katz,

I can barely remember a MATLAB version that did not produce an inexact case match warning if you used the wrong capitalization of a function name. Now, the days of willy-nilly capitalization in MATLAB are over. Starting in R2011b, that long-time warning is now an error. … read more >>