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Let’s Code! Make a Cody Video

Ever seen a “Let’s Play” video, where somebody documents their own activity as they play a video game? They can be a lot of fun to watch, even when the author isn’t very good at the game. And they can be very instructive if you’re learning how to play that particular game. Effectively, you get to “watch over someone’s shoulder” as they play.

Learning by watching videos has become standard technique for students of everything from piano to surgery. And increasingly people are learning to code by watching other people code.

On this site we have lots of clever people solving MATLAB problems on Cody. I would love to see somebody post a video to YouTube that shows them actually in the process of solving a Cody problem. Or maybe just describing after-the-fact how they did solve it. Or even analyzing, sports-commentator style, the various techniques used to solve a particular problem. If you make a “How I Solved It” video for Cody leave a link here and tell us about it!


And just to put my money where my mouth is, I have provided a humble example here: How I Solved It: MATLAB Pangrams (Cody Problem 27).



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