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2009 Blog Retrospective 3

Now that 2009 is almost at a close, I thought I’d share my retrospective. Based on the number of comments and hits to our web pages, the most popular topics this year were platform issues and… read more >>

The Preferences Directory 3

There are lots of ways a computer program can store user settings. In MATLAB we use a series of different files in a special per-release directory that is in a standard platform-specific place on... read more >>

Publish to PDF 20

Sometimes one of my colleagues comes up with a big idea that’s so brilliant, it can be succinctly summarized in a small phrase that downplays its impact. Publish to PDF pretty much says it all…. read more >>

Help browser search updates 1

Everywhere you look, searching is becoming the standard way of accessing information, and our documentation is no exception. In MATLAB R2009b we’ve updated the Help browser’s search… read more >>

Is 7 your lucky number? 22

I’d like to welcome guest blogger Ken Atwell from the MATLAB Product Management team this week to talk about our support of Windows 7.

Here at The MathWorks we’ve been using and… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 51