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MATLAB Mobile Gets an Editor

If you’ve been using MATLAB Mobile over the past years, you’ve been able to do command-line prototyping and run files on your computer or on the cloud. With the latest release of the app, you can now view and edit MATLAB (.m) files.

View and Edit Existing Files

Let’s say you authored a file in MATLAB on your desktop and then uploaded it to your MATLAB Drive.



You can now view and edit this file from the convenience of your mobile device. When you connect to the cloud from MATLAB Mobile, go to the ‘Files’ screen. This shows your file and folder hierarchy.


From here, you can navigate to the desired folder and tap on a MATLAB file to view the syntax highlighted code.



If you want to make changes (in this case, inserting code to add a legend to the stem plot), simply tap on any portion of the file to bring up the keyboard… and edit away!



Create New Files

But what if you want to create and edit a new file on MATLAB Mobile? To do this, go back to the ‘Files’ screen and tap on the ‘+’ button on the top right corner. Enter the name of the file and you’re all set to go.  For example, you can write a script to acquire and plot data from your device’s accelerometer.


Try it yourself!

In a future post, we will explore the new iPad layout. But for now, download the latest versions of MATLAB Mobile from the App Store or Google Play. And let us know how you’re using the editor in the comments below.

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