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MATLAB Mobile iPad Layout

In our previous post on MATLAB Mobile, we introduced the editor for MATLAB Mobile and explored the workflows involved in editing existing files or creating new ones. For this post, let’s look at the changes we made to the app on the iPad, in support of the editor.

Split View Layout

You can view, edit and create MATLAB files on your iPad, just like you can on your iPhone. Navigate to the ‘Files’ screen from the drop-down menu and select the file you want to edit.

The primary difference is that on the iPad you are presented with the editor and command window side-by-side, allowing you to view results and make edits without needing to switch screens.


You can toggle between the sensors, figures, history and settings screens on your right, while the command window is a stable presence on the left.


Expand Sections

But what if you want more real-estate when editing or writing files? Fear not, for we have an option to expand your editor or command-window ala ‘full screen’.


Try it yourself!

Download MATLAB Mobile from the App Store and use it on your iPad. Let us know how you’re using the new iPad layout in the comments below.

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