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New on MATLAB Central: Power Electronics and a Japanese Blog

Here are some Estonian phrases that might prove useful some day.

Kas ma saan kohvi palun?
Can I have some coffee, please?

Kuidas sa ütled “eigenvalue” Eesti keeles?
How do you say “eigenvalue” in Estonian?

On selge et see maatriks ei ole sümmeetriline.
This matrix is clearly far from symmetric.

I was thinking about translation because I wanted to draw your attention to the nifty Translate option on all our blogs. Suppose, for example, you were in Talinn and you wanted to read Cleve’s blog in Estonian. Pole probleemi! You’re only one drop-down menu away from perfect bliss. And by the way, that last phrase appears in Cleve’s latest post: Matrix Eigenvalue Dating Service.

But Ned, you say, why do I care about the Translate option? The blogs are all in English and my English is excellentful! Well, how’s your Japanese? Personally, I’m willing to admit that mine is a little shaky. So I’m happy that I have the ability to translate our new Japanese blog into English.

That’s right, we have a new Japanese blog! Even inveterate monoglot anglophones will recognize that one of the bloggers is the talented Jiro Doke, who has been part of the Pick of the Week blog team for years. Along with Michio Inoue and Megumi Sasaki, Jiro will be reporting on the Japanese-speaking MATLAB Community. So: “Kas ma saan kohvi palun!” I mean: “Welcome!”

Sorry, I got a little carried away with my Estonian there.

And while we’re on the topic of new things, let me close by pointing out our newest topic-based community, Power Electronics Control. This page, like the SimBiology and Maker community pages before it, is a place where people with very specific interests can meet and share MATLAB-related content. Each of these pages builds on the riches of MATLAB Answers and the File Exchange while also providing a home for discussions of relevant material.

Like the ad says, “I don’t always work on power electronics control problems, but when I do, I go to the Power Electronics Control Community on MATLAB Central.”

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