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Contests, Contests!

Here in New England, autumn is in full swing. The maple leaves are shifting into their best yellows and reds. On MATLAB Central, it's contest season. We currently have not one, but two contests underway. And there's plenty of color to be seen there too.

Here's a snapshot from my stroll around the MathWorks Natick campus

Our second MATLAB Mini Hack has been running for a week now. You may remember the first Mini Hack: you got 280 characters worth of MATLAB code to make any picture you like. It was truly remarkable to see what people could do with so little code. The second Mini Hack has the same 280 character constraint, but there's a big loophole: you can also include a call to any File Exchange entry that you like.

One of my favorite File Exchange contributions is Phase Plots of Complex Functions by Elias Wegert. I even wrote a post about it here back in 2020. Elias makes it super easy to do lovely colorful plots of complex functions. I used his code to make this entry in the Mini Hack contest.

If that looks like fun to you, you can take my code and remix it.

Now my entry is your entry. Using it as a starting point, you can change the z-domain, the complex function, or the visualization style. With Elias helping you, it's actually hard NOT to make a beautiful plot. Try it! I dare you.

Here's another example of someone using a File Exchange item in their entry. In this case, it's Lateef Adewale Kareem calling his own PythagorasTree entry. Very nice!

And switching gears here, I also want to mention our ongoing Cody contest. Cody is ten years old (he's growing up so fast!), so of course we want to celebrate that milestone with a big 10th Anniversary Contest. For this contest, the goal is to have the longest streak of solving at least one problem every day for the duration of the contest. You can solve any of the problems in Cody, but for this contest, we've created some brand new problems. This week's new puzzles have the theme of Matrices and Arrays. Can you, for example, make this arrow matrix for an arbitrarily large square matrix? Give it a try!

Happy birthday Cody!

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