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Acquiring and Analyzing Sensor Data with MATLAB Mobile and MATLAB Online 3

MATLAB Mobile allows you to collect information from your device sensors and perform cool experiments with the acquired data. For this post, I would like to welcome Luiz Zaniolo, our development... 更多内容 >>

Live Editor in MATLAB Mobile

The Live Editor combines code, output, and formatted text in a single executable notebook. Last year, we introduced this notebook-y (notebook-esque?) goodness in the MATLAB Mobile app on your iPhone... 更多内容 >>

New Decade, New MATLAB Mobile 4

You may have noticed that MATLAB Mobile now sports a different UI. For this post, I’d like to welcome Geeta Sonigra, our User Experience designer to talk about what’s changed.
We released a new… 更多内容 >>

Acquire Images from Your Device Camera with MATLAB Mobile 11

Bringing Your Images and MATLAB Mobile Closer Together
In our last blog post, we started laying out our first phase of features that brought your images and MATLAB Mobile closer together. By enabling… 更多内容 >>

Upload Photos from Your Image Gallery to MATLAB Drive 2

Smartphone cameras continue to disrupt digital photography. If you are a casual photographer, over the years you have probably found yourself increasingly relying on the camera that is most readily… 更多内容 >>

>> edit helloworld.m 5

MATLAB Mobile Gets an Editor
If you’ve been using MATLAB Mobile over the past years, you’ve been able to do command-line prototyping and run files on your computer or on the cloud. With the latest… 更多内容 >>

Acquire Data from Android Device Sensors with MATLAB Mobile 6

With the new MATLAB® Support Package for Android™ Sensors, you can now use MATLAB Mobile™ to acquire data from the sensors on your Android device. This data can be sent to a MATLAB session running on your computer for further analysis and visualization.... 更多内容 >>

MATLAB Mobile Autocompletes You 6

With today’s release of MATLAB Mobile, typing commands just got easier. With the new autocomplete feature, MATLAB Mobile offers suggestions for functions, variables, methods, properties, files and… 更多内容 >>

Data Tips on MATLAB Mobile 3

It has been a while since we last talked about displaying data tips on MATLAB Mobile.
The data cursor feature has since then evolved from tap-and-hold invocation to a more prominent ‘Show Data… 更多内容 >>

Your MATLAB Files on the Cloud. And more. 8

Happy 2013!
2012 was an eventful year for MATLAB Mobile, with releases for the iPad, the Android platform, and several enhancements to graphics and usability.
To kick off 2013 on a high note, we are… 更多内容 >>

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