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Testing for Model-Based Design 2

Posted by Andy Campbell,

Hi all, if you haven't seen it already, I wanted to make sure you were aware of some of the great testing related posts that Guy & Ajay have been up to lately. So for now they have two posts up and running, the first demonstrates writing a test to compare simulation and Software-in-the-Loop results for a Simulink model using the MATLAB Unit Test framework, and the second demonstrates the same test using the full dedicated Simulink Test environment. Great stuff, and a little bird told me that there are some more posts coming showing how these two approaches work together to produce all sorts of testing and CI happiness.

  Check them out, and be sure to watch for a future post or two!

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Han Geerligs replied on : 1 of 2
Hi Andy, good to read a new post from you! Right now I am busy woirking on a UI App using AppDesigner. Of course the underlying classes in my application are unit-tested :-). However I was wondering how to run unit tests on the application itself? Do you have any pointers for this? regards, Han
Good to hear from you Han! The most significant pointer I can give you is that you can rest assured we are actively working on this. It is good that you are using App Designer, I expect that work work out quite well for you.In the meantime, this question provides what is currently the best approach, although it is indeed insufficient.

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