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All things on the Tableau 2

Posted by Andy Campbell,

Guess what? Tableau® has been updated to provide direct support for MATLAB algorithms via MATLAB Production Server! Now you can have seamless access to MATLAB analytics on your Tableau dashboards. Check out the Tableau blog!

  Image Credit: Tableau Software®  Very cool! Are any of you readers integrating with Tableau? Have you wanted to?  

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tomhawkins replied on : 1 of 2
I'd like to be able to send data from MATLAB to Tableau without having to go through an intermediate file format (or database, etc) but it looks to me as if this functionality requires the MATLAB Production Server?
Arvind Hosagrahara replied on : 2 of 2
The integration minimally requires the MATLAB Compiler SDK product which provides a development and test interface is used to drive the execution of MATLAB analytics. This feature provides an interface identical to that offered by MATLAB Production Server but only allows a single connection. It is inherently limited in that it cannot handle concurrent requests but should be more than sufficient if you are the only user. It is provided to enable a environment for you to develop the models/algorithms since it offers all the desktop MATLAB features such as breakpoints, command window, visualization etc. while working on data sent from Tableau. On maturity of the models/algorithms, you can trivially move the functionality to MATLAB Production Server, a single license of which is capable of handling 24 concurrent requests. This concurrency is not to be confused with 24 users - it is the capability to scale to 24 requests *at the same time* while supporting multiple of Tableau users. There is one software connector in-between that enables this workflow with these two tools and you can get it by writing to In a nutshell, MATLAB Compiler SDK is sufficient to operate and test the functionality, MATLAB Production Server makes it easy to scale it upwards.

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