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Tag like an Egyptian

Posted by Andy Campbell,

Ajay Puvvala is my friend and colleague at the MathWorks. He also led the development of the TestTags feature we spoke about last post.... read more >>

Tag, you’re it! 1

Posted by Andy Campbell,

I have found that with any reasonably sized software project, sooner or later organization becomes important. As additional features and capabilities are introduced into a toolbox it becomes important to quickly and easily get your hands on the right piece of code for the task at hand. When we are... read more >>

MATLAB in Business Critical Applications 1

Posted by Arvind Hosagrahara,

Andy: Today I'd like to introduce a fellow MathWorker with whom I will be tag teaming for content on this blog. His name is Arvind Hosagrahara and he is a principal technical consultant in the MathWorks Consulting Services group. He helps organizations use MATLAB in their business critical applications. Arvind... read more >>

Tear Down This Wall! 4

Posted by Andy Campbell,

I once faced a question from a friend who was perusing MATLAB documentation while implementing a test suite for some production software and found an example test which used the addTeardown method of the TestCase object. This person found themselves wondering why they might want to use it to... read more >>

Mix It Up and Mix It In 8

Posted by Andy Campbell,

What can we learn about software from an ice cream shop? Quite a bit apparently. It was in the early 70's that Steve's Ice Cream opened and introduced the world to the notion of mix-ins. The idea was simple but powerful. Lets produce a small amount of base ice cream... read more >>

Compose Yourself 11

Posted by Andy Campbell,

Last time we had a small discussion about the merits of keeping inheritance hierarchies shallow and avoiding the creation of deep, multi-level structures. This is all fine and dandy, but how do we actually achieve this end? After all, many people are keenly aware of the DRY principle whether by... read more >>

Don’t Get In Too Deep 13

Posted by Andy Campbell,

The conventional wisdom these days seems to be that it is better to go deep, not wide. Whether this is in education, marketing, or general approaches to focused living, there seems to be an theme these days that if you favor breadth over depth the result will be shallow, without substance, and spread thin. The generalist it seems has seen better days in the court of public opinion. Is that true in life? I dunno, perhaps.... read more >>

Encouragingly Parallel (Epilogue) 3

Posted by Andy Campbell,

OK, so remember how we just went through the exercise (not just once, but twice) of how you can write a function to help parallelize your test runs? Well all of that still applies if you have not yet upgraded to MATLAB R2015a. However, if you do have R2015a you now get this out of the box because the TestRunner now has a runInParallel method!... read more >>

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