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Key Insights from our Executive Panel Discussion: Addressing Climate Risk through effective Stress Testing, Reporting, and Governance

In the rapidly evolving landscape of financial risk management, addressing climate risk has emerged as a critical imperative. MathWorks, in collaboration with Marcus Evans, recently… read more >>

Climate Risk in Finance: Insights from Our Comprehensive Executive Panel Discussion 

The following blog was written by Arpit Narain from the MathWorks Finance team.

1. Introduction 
In today’s financial landscape, climate risk has taken center stage, demanding the attention of… read more >>

The Path to Carbon Neutrality: A Time Series Approach

The following blog was written by Leslie Zhang, a Northeastern graduate who recently joined MathWorks Engineering Development program. This post aims to highlight the collaboration opportunities… read more >>

Time Series Analysis of Trends in Global Carbon Emissions from Fossil Fuels

The following post is from Hang Qian, Software Developer on the Econometrics Toolbox Team.
Global carbon emissions have increased dramatically since 1901. However, the annual growth rates were… read more >>

MathWorks Finance Conference 2023

It’s my pleasure to give everyone a sneak peek into the upcoming MathWorks Finance 2023 conference, which will be held virtually over 2 days on October 11 and 12.
You will get a chance to hear how… read more >>

The evolution of Quantitative Finance in MATLAB (What’s New)

Hi Everyone,
I would like to welcome you to our new blog on Quantitative Finance. To kick things off, I’d like to give an overview of the main areas that we’ve been working on here at MathWorks in… read more >>