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NASA’s DART mission successfully slams asteroid 3

Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), is a NASA space mission designed to test the planetary defense against near-Earth objects (NEOs). Last week, it crashed into Dimorphos, a small asteroid over… read more >>

Pumpkin toadlets can’t jump 3

What is tiny, bright orange, and really bad at jumping? The answer is a small amphibian found in the mountainous forests of Brazil, aptly called pumpkin toadlets. These tiny frogs are barely a… read more >>

Capturing the image of this black hole required an Earth-sized telescope

The Milky Way is a hazy, dare I say milky, band of light seen in the night sky. In 1610, Galileo Galilei used his telescope to show the light emanated from individual stars. In 1920, scientists first… read more >>

1960s US Army project unearths Greenland ice sheet’s fragility

A decades-old nuclear research project uncovers proof that the Greenland ice sheet has melted before.
During the 1960s, a US Army project called “Project Iceworm” set out to determine if… read more >>

C-Band 5G Telecom Delays and Airline Frustration 2

The airlines made their case to the FAA earlier this week, warning that the rollout of 5G service near airports could cause catastrophic disruption to both passenger flights and cargo shipments…. read more >>