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Results for: 2016

Using computer vision technology to weed out fake news 1

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

In the past few weeks, fake news has been all over the news. The New York Times reported that both Google and Facebook are taking steps to stem the flow of false news and misinformation. In Google’s case, they are aiming to remove fake news reporting from their top search results,… read more >>

Using meta-analysis to predict the outcome of next week’s election 2

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

You may have heard about the upcoming US election. There’s been a ‘bit’ of news coverage on the subject. Going back to the purpose of the “Behind the Headlines” blog, this post is to share the role MATLAB plays in an issue that drives today’s news: It’s hard to imagine a recent… read more >>

There’s an app for that! Using your smartphone to test for Anemia. 5

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

I’d be willing to bet that if you were asked to list ten uses for your smartphone, you probably wouldn’t include “medical device” in your answer. But as smartphones become increasingly capable, highly-portable computing platforms, researchers are looking to the computer in everyone’s pocket as a way to improve global… read more >>

Mission accomplished, now it’s time to crash?

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Imagine traveling twelve years in pursuit of a comet that is streaking along at 24,600 miles per hour only to crash into the comet. Twelve years. 4.9 billion miles. Untold hours of science and engineering manpower invested in this project and it’s going to crash?… read more >>