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Using computer vision technology to weed out fake news 1

In the past few weeks, fake news has been all over the news. The New York Times reported that both Google and Facebook are taking steps to stem the flow of false news and misinformation. In Google’s… read more >>

World’s first robot-assisted surgery inside a human eye saves sight 2

Imagine slowly losing your vision. Many people assume it is like having your eyes closed or being in a dark room. But vision loss can take many forms. For Bill Beaver, 70, of Oxford, UK, it meant… read more >>

Geek’s guide to Black Friday: Not what to buy, but how tech helps stock the shelves!

Cyber Monday may have surpassed Black Friday last year in terms of dollars spent, but that doesn’t mean that there is a bigger day for brick-and-mortar stores this holiday season. According to The… read more >>

“Faster than a Speeding Bullet” takes on new meaning with this all-electric car

Engineering students from the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research (CAR) recently set a world record with their all-electric vehicle. While this is a tremendous achievement, this was… read more >>

Endangered sea turtle back to swimming gracefully with new 3-D printed prosthetic flipper

Lola is a fighter. She is also a Kemp’s ridley turtle, the smallest, most critically endangered sea turtle species. She’s faced more than her share of bad luck. First, she was found as a hatchling… read more >>

Using meta-analysis to predict the outcome of next week’s election 2

You may have heard about the upcoming US election. There’s been a ‘bit’ of news coverage on the subject. Going back to the purpose of the “Behind the Headlines” blog, this post is to… read more >>

What has one leg, hops like a pogo stick, and could someday replace Tigger at Disney? 2

Nothing could really replace Tigger! But Disney did create a one-legged robot that could possibly challenge Tigger in a bouncing contest. This pogobot weighs less than 5 pounds, is about 12 inches in… read more >>

There’s an app for that! Using your smartphone to test for Anemia. 9

I’d be willing to bet that if you were asked to list ten uses for your smartphone, you probably wouldn’t include “medical device” in your answer. But as smartphones become increasingly capable,… read more >>

Mission accomplished, now it’s time to crash?

Imagine traveling twelve years in pursuit of a comet that is streaking along at 24,600 miles per hour only to crash into the comet. Twelve years. 4.9 billion miles. Untold hours of science and… read more >>

Forget X-ray vision. With T-rays, you can read a book through its cover.

Imagine an antique book with fragile pages and a delicate cover. Museums and collectors need to balance the desire to inspect such a volume with potential damage an examination could cause. Often… read more >>

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