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Top 10 “Behind the Headlines” stories of 2017

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Science and technology played a major role in many of 2017’s biggest stories. The Behind the Headlines blog covered many of these by explaining how MATLAB and Simulink were behind the scenes, helping engineers, scientists, and researchers innovate around the world. Here are our top ten stories of the year,… read more >>

Bionic Eyes: Helping more than 200 people regain sight

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

A CBS News report, After 20 years of darkness, bionic eye helps blind man see, described how technology helped a man who had been blind regain his vision. The “bionic eye” discussed in the article is not an eye, but rather a system comprised of a pair of glasses, a wearable computer, and implant in his… read more >>

Neuroscience shows blind people can “see” a physical space by listening

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

When individuals lose one of their senses, their other senses often compensate. LiveScience reported on a study that showed brain scans of people who were born blind or lost their sight before the age of three “had heightened senses of hearing, smell, and touch compared to the people in the study who were not… read more >>

Echolocation: helping the blind see with sound 1

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Echolocation uses sound waves and echoes to determine where objects are located in space. It’s an ability shared by a few, select mammals such as bats, dolphins, and some whales. Did you know that humans are also capable of navigation via echolocation? Well, not all humans, but there are some… read more >>

A unique robot takes home big prize in the Amazon Robotics Challenge

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Amazon is changing retail as we know it, and this change is built on efficiency. With more than 50 million items now eligible for free 2-day shipping through their Prime program, the pressure is on. The company is continually looking for ways to reduce the time from when the order is placed… read more >>