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A unique robot takes home big prize in the Amazon Robotics Challenge

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Amazon is changing retail as we know it, and this change is built on efficiency. With more than 50 million items now eligible for free 2-day shipping through their Prime program, the pressure is on. The company is continually looking for ways to reduce the time from when the order is placed… read more >>

90-Minute Eclipse Video To Provide Scientists With Never Before Available Data

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Mathematicians and scientists have used solar eclipses to study the solar system, and more specifically the sun itself, for thousands of years. As The New York Times article, The Illuminating Power of Eclipses, explained, “With the sun obscured, eclipses can be revelatory: Starting at least over 2,000 years ago, they have been fodder… read more >>

NASA’s new technology paralyzes drones that enter restricted areas

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

NASA recently demonstrated a system called Safeguard, which disables a drone if it fails to respond to a warning and enters a designated no-fly zone. It can also impose altitude limits on drones. Mashable declared, “NASA’s drone killer does not play around,” describing how the system can enforce no-fly zones of any size… read more >>

MIT’s new robot can 3D print a building in half a day

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

3D printers have made the news for “printing” everything from food to artificial hearts, and even alien material. Now, this technology is moving onto something really big. As big as a house, that is! 3D printers are being used to print buildings…. read more >>

Climate change will exacerbate income inequality 1

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

In the U.S., the effects of climate change will exacerbate income inequality. That’s the conclusion in new research, recently published in Science. The counties in the south, already among the less fortunate economic environments, will suffer more economic damage than the relatively wealthier areas in the Pacific Northwest and New England…. read more >>

When biometric identification isn’t sufficient

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Biometrics is being hailed as one of the most secure means of providing digital security. Biometrics are in use to ensure identities are protected both online or at physical locations such as airports and ATMs. Iris scanners, voice identification, fingerprint readers, and retina identification are all in use to varying extents…. read more >>

Simulate a real mountain climb with 3D modeling and digital fabrication

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

On Saturday, Alex Honnold became the first climber to complete a solo, ropeless climb of Yosemite’s 3,000-foot El Capitan wall. National Geographic described his accomplishment as “what may be the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport.” Even with more than 20 years of experience… read more >>