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Top 10 “Behind the Headlines” stories of 2018

Once again, science and technology played a major role in some this year’s biggest stories. The Behind the Headlines blog covered many of these by explaining how MATLAB and Simulink were behind the… read more >>

Star Trek-inspired solid-state airplane takes to the sky without moving parts 4

Wikipedia may just have to change its definition of an airplane. According to the site, “An airplane or aeroplane (informally plane) is a powered, fixed-wing aircraft that is propelled forward… read more >>

Data shows a warmer, drier California has produced more destructive wildfires

Data shows California is warmer and drier than past decades. The effects of the change in climate have proven deadly, as dry vegetation in low humidity provides ample fuels for wildfires.
According…

What can fly at 430,000 miles per hour and has a shield with superpowers?

The answer to the above question is the Parker Solar Probe. And the probe is about to to complete its first perihelion, or fly-by of the sun.
Scientists and engineers from NASA and Johns Hopkins… read more >>

Designing “A Fitbit for Sharks”

There is an area the size of Colorado in the Pacific Ocean that has a rather unique claim to fame. Located part way between Hawaii and California, this region is a gathering spot for hundreds of… read more >>

A dangerous rainbow: Why colormaps matter. 2

Rainbows typically signify a turn for the better. The storm has ended. The skies are clearing. But when the rainbow scale is used for weather and climate maps, the results can be misleading, and… read more >>

Researchers Simulate the Impact of Climate Change on Hurricane Florence

Mother Nature was in a cranky mood this past week. The Philippines dealt with the wrath of Typhoon Mangkhut, while the east coast of the United States suffered through Hurricane Florence. Yes, it is… read more >>

Now submarines can communicate wirelessly with airplanes and drones 3

Submarines must surface to broadcast a message.  The same is true for underwater drones. This is because submarines and drones utilize sonar, or sound waves, to communicate, while planes and aerial… read more >>

Microscope creates first-ever 3D video of living cells inside the body using MATLAB 3

What do you get when you combine state-of-the-art microscopy with a technique used by astronomers to get a clear view of celestial objects through atmospheric turbulence? You get a new form of… read more >>

Best trivia question ever: What is a scutoid? 1

If you want to really stump your friends at trivia night, simply ask them, “What is a scutoid?” Chances are, despite being covered in them from head-to-toe, they won’t know. The truth is, no one knew… read more >>

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