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Results for: 2018

Creepy, crawly robot baby shows just how much bio-gunk babies inhale

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Researchers at Purdue University designed a crawling robot baby to determine how much dirt, bacteria, pollen and fungal spores babies inhale as they move through their indoor, carpeted environments. The robot looks more like a legless, tinfoil-encased baby cyclops than an adorable toddler, but the design worked well.  It showed… read more >>

Concussions, TBI, the NFL and Science

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Cleveland Clinic's Intelligent Mouthguard uses kinematic sensors and MATLAB to determine severity of head impact.

The science behind the diagnosis and treatment of concussions

With the increased focus on TBI, it was no surprise to find many researchers working on the issue. Much of the research focuses on brain mapping, while other research is working on improving the accuracy of sideline more >>

Designing a waterproof, air-powered wheelchair that lets everyone enjoy the water

Posted by Lisa Harvey,

Mobility and accessibility. For many people with disabilities, the mobility provided by powered wheelchairs has greatly expanded accessibility, enabling them to work, shop, and travel independently. But the electronics and the battery-powered nature of these devices mean they shouldn’t get wet. Using an electric-powered wheelchair in downpours or on a… read more >>