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Jiro's pick this week is AutoWarnDlg by Jan Simon.

By this time, some of you may know that I am attracted to visual tools. I was browsing through the File Exchange last week, and with this post by Ken & Mike fresh in my mind, Jan's entry caught my attention.

When I was in school, I was performing a large parameter study on a lengthy simulation. Back then, there was no Parallel Computing Toolbox so I ended up running computations hours at a time. In order to provide some visual feedback, I used dialog boxes to display the status every hour. I also wanted to be able to stop the run at those times, but if I happened to be away from the desk, I wanted it to continue. Jan's AutoWarnDlg would've done the job.

Along with a flashy, blinking icon, his dialog box has a nice auto-select feature. Now, you can create warning dialogs that would go away automatically if unattended.


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