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We hope 2021 is a better year for everyone and the world!

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Determining next available file name

Stephen Cobeldick

Returns the next unused file or folder name. The name is created by incrementing a numbered suffix.


Graham W Griffiths

This program generates a series of parabolic lines between blocks on the periphery of a circular ring.

Racing bar charts

Eiji Konaka

Make bar chart race animation gif file from data (inData) with option (Opt).

Spider Plot II – Custom Charts (Intro)


Create a spider or radar plot with customizable individual axes.

Spider Plot III – Custom Charts (Authoring)


Create a spider or radar plot with customizable individual axes.

Draw a bubble bath

Adam Danz

Set the range of radii, density, and other parameters to create a plot that draws randomly centered polygons with or without overlap.


Steve Hoelzer

Simple, efficient, and user friendly replacement for waitbar.

Fit Virus

milan batista

Estimation of coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic size by the logistic model

Simulations of Brownian particle motion

Emma Gau

Simulate Brownian particle motion by the Euler–Maruyama method

COVID-19 Research and Development with MATLAB and Simulink


Scientists and engineers worldwide are battling the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some examples of their work, including epidemiological analysis, diagnostics, and ventilator models.

A nod to our developers, and a game of Minesweeper

Brian Moore

Minesweeper GUI with classical graphics, a persistent leaderboard, and an auto-solution engine

Ridgeline Visualization

Santiago Benito

Plot several datasets in a single axis using the ridgeline representation.


MathWorks Development

Some favorite features of R2020a

Changing figure settings

Jose M. Requena Plens

Function to modify the style of the graphical representations of MATLAB

File Exchange Select – Inpaint_Nans, Gridfit, and fminsearchbnd/fminsearchcon

John D'Errico

Interpolates (& extrapolates) NaN elements in a 2d array.

Copying uiaxes graphics

Adam Danz

Copy UIAxes (eg. AppDesigner) and most properties to a new figure and recreate the legend and colorbar if they exist.

SIR Math Model of Virus Spread (Coronavirus or other)

Tom Beekhuysen

Introductory model of infectious disease spread. Social distancing and social isolation affects beta (transmission rate).

Convert TDMS

Brad Humphreys

Import or convert a LabView TDMS file into the MATLAB workspace or a mat file

Face Mask Detection using Deep Learning

Wanbin Song

The entire workflow of developing deep learning model for detecting face mask.

Deprecating support for edfread and edfreadUntilDone

Brett Shoelson

A simple file reader for European Data Formatted (EDF-) files.


Harry Dymond

Provides additional features when exporting .m files to html using MATLAB's "publish" feature

Zoom Plot

Kelsey Bower

Adds zoomed plot inset to current axes.

Model-Based Autonomous Traffic Simulation

Mustafa Saraoglu

MOBATSim (Model-based Autonomous Traffic Simulation Framework) is a simulation framework based on MATLAB Simulink that allows the user to as

Interactive apps for solid mechanics

Ephraim Bryski

Interactive apps for gaining intuition on concepts in solid mechanics


MathWorks Development

Some favorite features of R2020b

R2020b: swarmchart


plotSpread plots distributions of data points, adding jitter to the points to avoid overlap.



The Simulink-to-Stateflow tool translates Simulink block diagrams into Stateflow state charts.

R2020b: pattern (new way to regular express)

MathWorks Development

The new pattern class in R2020b

Avoid Overwriting Files!

Simon Musall

Function to check if a file name already exists and create a new unique name by enumeration.

Emulating a physical experiment of measuring M&M’s

Lisa R. Thompson

Experimentally realistic mass, color distribution, uncertainty and balance behavior for M&M candies based on experimental data.

Aircraft Intuitive Design

Zak Lietzau

An academic tool intended to assist in developing an intuitive understanding of aircraft design.

Leaf Pile 3D

Nathaniel Barlow

Makes a falling pile of random leaves in a box. Incorporate a drag law and compare with nature! Or save a still to hang on your wall!

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