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Emulating a physical experiment of measuring M&M’s 2

Jiro's Pick this week is M&M statistics by Lisa R. Thompson.A common challenge I hear from educators is how to conduct courses that involve experiments or some sort of hardware interactions... read more >>


Sean‘s pick this week is polygon2voxel by Dirk-Jan Kroon.
I was recently asked: “How can you find the intersecting volume of two polyhedra?”
R2017b introduced polyshape to MATLAB…

Mex Multithreading 2

Sean‘s pick this week is Mex Multithreading by Dirk-Jan Kroon.

My pick this week is an example of how to write multithreaded MEX functions to take advantage of more of your… read more >>

Data Acquisition Tool 3

Sean's pick this week is Data Acquisition Tool by Isaac Noh. Data Acquisition Hardware Have you ever wanted to bring data directly from hardware into MATLAB or... read more >>

Control Excel using ActiveX 1

Jiro's pick this week is The X Collection by Yvan Lengwiler. My day job is a customer training engineer. I get to take people who have never used MATLAB or Simulink to the point where ... read more >>

Remove Default Excel Sheets 1

Sean's pick this week is RemoveSheet123 by Noam Greenboim. Working with MATLAB And Excel Recently, I've been doing data analysis for colleagues who are not MATLAB... read more >>

Fit a Sphere!

Sean's pick this week is Sphere Fit by Alan Jennings. Fitting a Sphere to Data I recently had some data and wanted to fit a sphere through... read more >>

Self-Balancing Wheeled Robot

Jiro's pick this week is Self-Balancing Robot by Yorihisa Yamamoto. This one comes from Tokyo, Japan. I am currently here for a few weeks working with the Application Engineers at the... read more >>

MATLAB Puzzler: Finding the two closest points 29

Here is a new MATLAB Puzzler.
Given two vectors representing the X and Y coordinates of some points, find the two closest points in Cartesian space.

n = 10;
x = rand(1,n);
y = rand(1,n);

Brett…

MATLAB Puzzler: Removing columns and rows from binary matrices 36

I am trying something new this week: the MATLAB Puzzler.
Rather than just work one of the Practical Examples directly, I am doing it in two parts. The first I will pose the MATLAB puzzler and say how… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 21