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I hope you’re reading this in 2019 after coming back from vacation (or you’re on our blog to avoid conversation with the in-laws).  Here are all of our picks and posts from 2018.  Have a great new year!

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Let It Snow

Richard Moore

Your office has no window. You want to see ridiculously large snowflakes. I’ve solved your problem

Non-Uniform Contourf

Yuxin Jiang

This function allows non-uniform contour levels contourf/imagesc/pcolor.

Ugly Data App

Adam Sifounakis

Easily clean up your ugly data!

Whac-a-Mole with Arduino

Sophia Hubscher

MATLAB and Arduino are used to build a fun Whac-a-Mole game

New MathWorks Tools

MathWorks Development

This post highlights new features over the last few releases that have replaced old picks.

A Classy MATLAB Wrapper for your C++

Oliver Woodford

An example of how to safely encapsulate a C++ class in a MATLAB class, via a mex interface.

Fruit Package


Fruit Package

Contour Data

Duane Hanselman

Extract contour data created by CONTOUR, CONTOURF, CONTOUR3, and CONTOURC.

The Curling Game

Corey Lagunowich

App that simulates a single end of curling

Win some cash with your live scripts!

MathWorks Physics Team

A set of questions and solutions modeling an electric car using a simple torque speed curve


Mike Anthony

Ever wish after creating a GOTO block, you could automatically have a corresponding FROM appear?

Keeping track of figures

Douglas Schwarz

Easily switch between figures using a menu that is created automatically.

GUIDE to App Designer Migration Tool

MathWorks App Designer Team

Use the GUIDE to App Designer Migration tool to help transition your GUIDE apps to App Designer.

Simulink Pacer (Again)

MathWorks Development

This post show a new way to slow down Simulink simulations to wall clock speed.

Data Acquisition Live app

Andrei Ursache

App for acquisition live view and data logging from a DAQ device or sound card

Dir Tab


Tabulate directory list (dir results as table also with extension)

Persistent Data for Lookup Tables in Simulink

Jason Nicholson

How to speed up Simulink models that use large lookup tables.

Timing Experiments

MathWorks Development

This post shows a means for timing MATLAB code.

Wavelet Tech Talks – MATLAB Code Files

Kirthi Devleker

MATLAB source code used in Wavelet Tech Talks 3 and 4

Manage Simulink Data Variations with simulinkParser

Tigran Mkhoyan

a simple config parser for Simulink

The HDR Toolbox

Francesco Banterle

The HDR Toolbox is a toolbox for processing High Dynamic Range (HDR) content.

Arduino Engineering Kit

MathWorks Maker Team

MATLAB and Simulink support for hardware components used in the Arduino Engineering Kit.

Function Handle Constructor

Rody Oldenhuis

Creates evaluable function handles for any function, possibly outside the MATLAB search path

A couple of my favorite new Image Processing Toolbox functions

Philip Kollmannsberger

Calculates the 3D skeleton of an arbitrary binary volume using parallel medial axis thinning.

Maximize your figures

MathWorks Development

Minimize and maximize your figures!

Is Net Available

Rik Wisselink

Check for an internet connection by pinging one of Google’s DNSes

String Art

Giuseppe Cardillo

Stringart: Play with geometry and Bezier’s quadratic curve

String Art II

Giuseppe Cardillo

Stringart: Play with geometry and Bezier’s quadratic curve


Danvir Sethi

Control a Sphero from MATLAB and Simulink

Robotics Toolbox and the New File Exchange Feature

Peter Corke

MATLAB and Simulink tools for analysing and simulating mobile robots and robot manipulators.

Safer Semaphore


A semaphore for Matlab

Path Simplification (and Binary Image Reconstruction!), Made Easy

Wolfgang Schwanghart

The Douglas Peucker algorithm reduces the number of points in a curve.

Physics Course Live Scripts using Symbolic Math Toolbox

Kurt Braeuer

Basic Physics Course with MATLAB’s Symbolic Math Toolbox and Live Editor

R2018b Features

MathWorks Development

This post highlights some exciting new features in R2018b.


Jos (10584)

returns a Shakesperian insult

Handle Classes – Live Editor Challenge Winner (Student Category)

Ameer Hamza

This live script demonstrates the use of handle classes by creating and visualizing tree structures in MATLAB.

EDF Read

Brett Shoelson

A simple file reader for European Data Formatted (EDF-) files.