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MATLAB App for teaching mathematical concepts 1

Jiro's Pick this week is Unit Circle - Sine and Cosine Functions by Michal Blaho.Concepts become easier to understand when they can be visualized and explored by students. Back when I first learned... read more >>

Import Explorer to help you with importing table data 2

Jiro's Pick this week is Import Explorer for tables by Jan Studnicka.When importing data as a table, you can use detectImportOptions to customize how you bring in your data. You can choose to import... read more >>

Satellite Trajectory 3

Will's pick this week is Satellite Trajectory by Huy Nguyen. This submission provides an app that you can install and add to your toolstrip. A panel on the left enables the user to specify the... read more >>

Emulating a physical experiment of measuring M&M’s 2

Jiro's Pick this week is M&M statistics by Lisa R. Thompson.A common challenge I hear from educators is how to conduct courses that involve experiments or some sort of hardware interactions... read more >>

Data Acquisition Tool 3

Sean's pick this week is Data Acquisition Tool by Isaac Noh. Data Acquisition Hardware Have you ever wanted to bring data directly from hardware into MATLAB or... read more >>


Sean's pick this week is CAD APPS by Larry Silverberg. For this week's pick I'm going to combine my grad school life in structural engineering with the two recent... read more >>

ImageViewer: A GUI for viewing and interactively exploring image files 2

Brett's Pick this week is the ImageViewer, by Jiro Doke. I've been contributing to the MATLAB Central File Exchange for more than ten years now; my first shared file, collectCode,... read more >>