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Guess the functions and get a t-shirt

Of all the MATLAB or MathWorks toolbox functions that have been mentioned in this blog since 2006, imshow and imread have appeared the most. As in last week's post, they often appear together, right at the beginning:

When I say they have "appeared the most," I am counting each function once for each blog post in which it has been used or mentioned.

I'll send a MATLAB t-shirt to the first two people who can name another function in the top five. Make your guesses in the comments. One guess per person, please.

UPDATE 13-Nov-2019: Since one person contributed two guesses that were both in the top five, possibly taking away someone else's guess, I'm awarding three t-shirts. Winners:

  • Alfoil (plot, tied for #3-4)
  • Oliver Mönnich (hold, #5)
  • Pat Yuun (size, #6)

Guesses (as of 13-Nov-2019 09:15 (America/New York time):

  • plot, tied for #3-4
  • title (guessed but disqualified), tied for #3-4
  • hold, #5
  • size, #6
  • axis, #7
  • numel, tied for #9-10
  • imresize, #19
  • im2bw, tied for #27-29
  • imfilter, tied for #37-43
  • im2double, tied for #37-43
  • imfilter, tied #44-53
  • imwrite, tied for #44-53
  • sum, tied for #54-58
  • fft, tied for #59-63
  • rgb2gray, tied for #64-65
  • mean, tied for #66-68
  • imagesc, tied for #113-128
  • clear, tied for #141-178
  • squeeze, tied for #234-328
  • blkproc, tied for #329-618

Great job everybody! Thanks for giving a try. This was fun; I'll have to think up another contest soon.

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