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Introducing the Desktop blog

Welcome to our MATLAB Desktop blog! A group of us who work on the MATLAB User Interface want to share with you some of the new and existing features that you may not know about. Our goals for this blog are to answer some of the FAQs we hear, show you some of the features, accelerators, and tricks that we think help MATLAB programmers, and to open up discussion to hear from you about things you like and don’t like. We really want this to be a two-way venture, so we really would love to get your feedback. As we delve into the different topics, tell us what you like and dislike and why. MATLAB users are very diverse, so we are constantly assessing how features will work with the different types of users. Hearing from you helps shape what we do!

Here’s a picture of today’s MATLAB Desktop:


When we refer to the MATLAB Desktop, we mean the Desktop and its tools, such as the Command Window, Editor, Command History, Current Directory browser, Workspace browser, Profiler, Shortcuts, Help browser, among others.

The group that will be posting includes the team’s developers, usability and documentation experts, and quality engineers. As we post, the author byline will show a little information about the poster so that you can get to know each of us a little better. Hopefully we will also learn more about you too and what you like and dislike about our tools.

Ken, Christina, Peter, Audrey, Rich
Lori, Kristin, Linda, Jennifer
Will, Zain, Jared, Dipen

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