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New and Updated Desktop Features in R2009a

R2009a (version 7.8) is here! These releases sure do come quickly.  Below, I’ve called out some of my favorite new and updated Desktop features.

Be sure to let us know what you think of these new features!

Extended M-Lint
Extended M-Lint messages give you more insight into an M-Lint warning or error, including why the problem is occurring and what action you can take to resolve the issue.

M-Lint Preferences
The M-Lint preferences panel has been updated to include icons indicating a warning or error and a search field, which will allow you to quickly find a message. You can also view the extended version of the message (if it has extended information) by clicking on its link.

Publishing Figure Capture Methods
There are two new figure capture methods: entireGUIWindow and entireFigureWindow. These options will give you better control over what portions of the window you capture in your published output.
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