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Posted by Michael Katz,

Now that I’ve got your attention.

A few months ago, Richard asked how he can get a MATLAB trial. In my response I pointed him directly to the request a trial website.

But you can download 15-day trial versions of our various toolboxes directly from MATLAB. Just go to Help -> Get Product Trials from the desktop. This will bring you to the trials website, where you are just a login and a few clicks away from launching an installer.

Help -> Get Product Trials
Help: Get Product Trials
Click download
Help: Get Product Trials
Follow the installer instructions
Help: Get Product Trials

Or you can just go the request a trial website directly from your web browser.

Let us know what toolboxes you like best (or least).


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Aurélien Queffurust replied on : 1 of 6


To answer your question, my favourite toolbox is MATLAB Compiler because it is very easy to use and do require specific programming knowledge.
My favourite “trial” toolbox is Parallel Computing Toolbox. The pmode is so useful to understand how parallel works.
Now the toolbox I like least is Simulink (sorry Seth!) but for me it is definetely another world !


Aurélien Queffurust replied on : 2 of 6

Another thing, if documentation was a toolbox, it would be definitely my favorite toolbox ;) Guys who write the doc make a really great job!


Mike replied on : 3 of 6


Thanks the doc folks will be happy to hear that. They do a really great job. Thanks for the feedback.

Aziza replied on : 6 of 6

I have Matlab 7 (R14SP3) and i nedd a free trail of the Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search toolbox version 2.4.2, and i asked for a 15 day free trail but i got no response ?