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MATLAB Mobile 1.1 Released

It has been about 2 months since we introduced MATLAB Mobile and we are thrilled to see your interest through your comments on the Desktop blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Mike, myself, and many others thank you for your support and feedback.In response to a few of the enhancement requests, today we released MATLAB Mobile 1.1 which includes:

  • iOS 4 compatibility
  • Higher resolution images for iPhone 4
  • E-mail figures

Many new and exciting features are still brewing on Mike’s beloved Mac. Several of these features came directly from our conversations with you! So let us know about your MATLAB Mobile use cases so that upcoming features will streamline your workflow and empower you to revisit challenges where MATLAB accessibility was an issue.

Here are some of our favorite use cases thus far:

Using MATLAB Mobile with Datafeed Toolbox, fetch stock quotes and create your own MATLAB technical indicators on the go.

Using MATLAB Mobile and Datafeed Toolbox

Using MATLAB Mobile with Instrument Control Toolbox, monitor your instrument measurements remotely for any unusual behavior. The signal being monitored here is from an Agilent oscilloscope.

Using MATLAB Mobile and Instrument Control Toolbox

Using MATLAB Mobile with Image Acquisition Toolbox and Image Processing Toolbox, retrieve latest snapshots from a live video stream. This snapshot is the latest construction scene at MathWorks that Steve mentioned in his post Goodbye Apple Hill 1!

Using MATLAB Mobile and Image Acquisition and Image Processing Toolbox

Do the above use cases trigger a new application for you?

Let us know!

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