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結果: Preferences

Configurable keyboard shortcuts have arrived 25

I’d like to welcome guest blogger Christina Roberts from the MATLAB Editor team. Christina was the lead developer on the configurable keyboard shortcuts feature.

R2009b has a new feature that… 続きを読む >>

MATLAB-Emacs integration is back 37

I'd like to welcome guest blogger Eric Ludlam from the MATLAB Graphics team. Little Things Back in April of this year, Mike wrote a Desktop Blog article stating that it's the little things... 続きを読む >>

New and Updated Desktop Features in MATLAB R2009b 3

R2009b (version 7.9) is here! You’d think that I’d be used to the six month release cycle by now, but there is always something to do with mad rushes interspersed with calm lulls…. 続きを読む >>

R2009b is here! 14

R2009b is here, and with it come a host of great new features in the MATLAB Desktop. Mike will be giving a full overview of the new Desktop features on Monday, but I wanted to call out one particular… 続きを読む >>

Using the cell mode toolbar 10

The MATLAB Editor is great because supports many different workflows and user styles. Even though I call myself an advanced MATLAB user, I have long since stopped being surprised when I find out… 続きを読む >>

Changing the error color for visibility 1

We understand that colors in the editor can cause difficulty for some users or with certain display devices. Each release we try to make the MATLAB UI more friendly in this area. For MATLAB R2009a,… 続きを読む >>

It’s the little things that count 35

A large (but oft unnoticed) part of what we do on the desktop team is elimination of waste. We eliminate waste by deleting unneeded or unused code, removing functionality that no longer contributes… 続きを読む >>

Finding the right M-Lint message 8

I promise that this’ll be my last post on the new M-Lint features (for awhile anyway). In last week’s post on the new M-Lint preferences, I glossed over the new search bar, so this week… 続きを読む >>

Configuring M-Lint to only display certain messages

The extended M-Lint project gave us a good excuse to go in and change up the old M-Lint preferences GUI. This post will concentrate on the new ways to do the old stuff, and next time I’ll talk… 続きを読む >>

New settings for Editor limit line 6

Not all of our new features are as complex and headline-earning as the Current Directory or Function Browser. Sometimes we quietly introduce small features or enhancements. Did you notice that the… 続きを読む >>

Posts 11 - 20 of 30