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Using the Help Report

Last week Jiro picked addcopyright for the File Exchange Pick of the Week. The pick looks like a helpful tool for adding copyright text to MATLAB program files, but while reading the post, I was… read more >>

Comparison Tool Updates in R2011b

This week I’d like to welcome back guest poster, Malcolm Wood, to describe the enhancements to the File and Folder Comparison tool.
Over the last few releases we have made some major enhancements to… read more >>

More Comparison Tool Updates 1

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the new MAT-file comparison features in the Comparison Tool. However, those were not the only enhancements made to the tool in R2011a. You can also now ignore certain… read more >>

MAT-File Comparisons 6

In MATLAB R2008a, we introduced the ability to compare MAT-files with the File and Folder Comparison Tool. In MATLAB R2010b, the team has added additional detail to the MAT-file comparisons. This… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 40