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From the MATLAB Command Prompt to the Cloud

Posted by Arvind Hosagrahara,

A familiar blinking cursor at the MATLAB command prompt greets me as I look away from the grey clouds overhead - the kind that carries rain/snow. It has been nice to receive our fair share of precipitation in California this year.... read more >>

Operationalizing MATLAB 5

Posted by Arvind Hosagrahara,

In this post, I'll describe how to operationalize MATLAB. By "operationalize" I mean taking MATLAB used for its modeling, analytics, statistics or application development capabilities and making it available to a targeted set of users (internal or external).... read more >>

MATLAB in Business Critical Applications 1

Posted by Arvind Hosagrahara,

Andy: Today I'd like to introduce a fellow MathWorker with whom I will be tag teaming for content on this blog. His name is Arvind Hosagrahara and he is a principal technical consultant in the MathWorks Consulting Services group. He helps organizations use MATLAB in their business critical applications. Arvind... read more >>