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Welcome to the contributors page for the MATLAB Graphics and App Building Blog. Here, we proudly showcase the talented individuals who have shared their expertise and perspectives in our blog, enriching our content with their specialized knowledge and industry insights.

The diverse backgrounds of our contributors bring our readers a variety of perspectives, problem-solving approaches, coding styles, and other individual nuances that we hope will resonate with our diverse group of readers, fostering a sense of identification and community engagement.

As our blog continues to grow, we will continually update this page to express our gratitude to the contributors who have been instrumental in shaping the discourse on graphics and app building.

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Our Graphically Gifted & App-solutely Amazing Contributors

In order of appearance in the MATLAB Graphics and App Building blog.


Adam Danz
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Adam Danz is a software engineer on the MATLAB Charting Team and host of the MATLAB Graphics and App Building blog. His daily use of MATLAB began in a neurophysiology lab focusing on vision science during his graduate studies, where he not only developed a passion for science, math, and data analytics but also became an active participant in the MATLAB Central Community. His engagement with and advocacy for fellow MATLAB users was boosted after being appointed to the MathWorks Community Advisory Board in 2020.  In 2022, Adam eagerly joined the Graphics and Charting team at MathWorks. In addition to his technical pursuits, Adam enjoys his regular visits to Eastern Europe, a region he briefly called home before his graduate studies, where he enjoys being immersed in the local cultures and landscapes.
Eric Ludlam
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Eric Ludlam is the development manager of MATLAB’s Charting team. Eric has a whopping 27 years of experience working in MATLAB Graphics, starting in MATLAB 5.0! Eric is renowned within MathWorks for his love of trebuchets, catapults and Punkin Chunkin. His exceptional graphics demos have appeared in MathWorks’ Community blog, MATLAB blog, and in MATLAB social media feeds.
Abby Skofield
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Abby is a software engineer on the MATLAB Charting Team. Abby started her MathWorks career in the User Experience (UX) group, supporting the graphics team in the lead up to the release of the new graphics system in R2014b. Some of us might remember those changes 😉. In the UX group, Abby had the opportunity to work with hundreds of customers to learn about how they used MATLAB Graphics, their wish lists, and she got to dig in to the technical details with her engineering colleagues. She switched roles in 2020 to join their ranks as a software engineer, where she continues to enjoy learning about customer use cases while also getting hands-on time in the code.
Afiq Azaibi
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Afiq’s programming journey started in his freshmen year at college with MATLAB, a language his peers dubbed at the time “a fancy calculator.” This exposure to programming laid the groundwork for his career at MathWorks when he joined in 2016 as part of the Engineering Development Group (EDG). His time in EDG was marked by valuable customer interactions, which enriched his understanding of user requirements. In 2018, he transitioned to becoming a developer on the Charting Team. He’s made several contributions, but his most popular tool for MATLAB users has been xline and yline, which create ConstantLine objects (R2018b). He resides as the steward of Legend and is constantly exploring enhancements to improve its performance and user experience.
Ken Deeley
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Ken is an application engineer in Cambridge, UK, supporting MathWorks users with their technical computing projects. Ken joined the MathWorks customer training team in 2011 after research work in mathematics with applications to motion planning for autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) robotics. Ken specializes in software development, machine learning, and financial applications, with a particular focus on graphics and app development. He enjoys training MathWorks users on best practices, working with customers on consulting projects, and capturing common customer workflows and requirements to inform future MathWorks development activities.
Kristen Amaddio
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Kristen Amaddio is the Senior Team Lead for the MATLAB UI Components team. She first joined MathWorks as part of the Engineering Development Group (EDG) in 2016, which gave her valuable exposure to customer workflows in the MATLAB Graphics and App Building space. Since becoming a developer in 2018, Kristen has made many contributions to the UI components area, including enhancements to the uitable, uicontextmenu, and uigridlayout. She has also made improvements to component interactions and accessibility. When she is not developing software, Kristen enjoys hiking and playing piano.
Robert Philbrick
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Robert Philbrick is a principal engineer responsible for new interactive App Designer workflows. He joined MathWorks in 2012 and has made many contributions to the App Building area, including developing the GUIDE to App Designer Migration Tool for MATLAB, improving the App Designer onboarding experience, enabling App Designer in MATLAB Online, adding support for custom UI component authoring in App Designer, and making it easier to build Simulink apps interactively with App Designer. Outside of software development, Robert enjoys mountain biking, skiing, reading, and playing board games.
Dinesh Kavalakuntla
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Dinesh is a Software Engineer on the MATLAB App Designer team at MathWorks. He began his journey with MathWorks in 2019, bringing with him a strong background in front-end development. Leveraging his expertise, Dinesh has made enhancements to the App Designer Environment, utilizing his front-end skills to optimize user experience. His contributions extend to authoring Custom UI Components and Simulink apps in App Designer, further enriching its functionality. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating intuitive user interfaces, Dinesh contributes to enhancing the App Designer experience for MATLAB users.