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Add two lines to your MATLAB code to make it work with big data

Today's guest blogger is Harald Brunnhofer, a Principal Training Engineer at MathWorks. On top of getting thousands of users started with MATLAB or taking their MATLAB skills to the next level, he... read more >>

Playing with the R2022b MATLAB Apple Silicon beta for M1/M2 Mac 19

Update 22nd June 2023: An updated blog post about MATLAB on Apple Silicon can be found at... read more >>

MATLAB’s High Performance Computing (HPC) and ‘Big Data’ datatypes 5

Table of ContentsgpuArrays - GPU programming made easy dlarray - Specialised objects for Deep Learning training Tall arrays - For when you've got more rows than memory Distributed arrays - Spread... read more >>

sinpi, cospi, implicit expansion and The 2022 MATLAB Mini-Hack 7

The 2022 MATLAB Mini-Hack is currently underway where MATLAB users submit 280 characters of code in order to produce a cool image. It's similar to last year's competition but this year you can also... read more >>

How Well Can I Draw a Circle? A MATLAB Adventure

Today's guest blogger is Rob Holt, who works at MathWorks in Natick, Massachusetts. Rob currently serves as the Manager for Biological Sciences at MathWorks, where he is a coordinator and... read more >>

An introduction to dictionaries (associative arrays) in MATLAB 40

Dictionaries are one of the many new features of MATLAB R2022b which was released yesterday. Today I'll take a look at some of the details of this new datatype in MATLAB.A dictionary is a collection... read more >>

Linear Algebra in MATLAB: Trying out AMD’s AOCL 10

In R2022a, MathWorks started shipping AMD’s AOCL alongside Intel’s MKL in MATLAB.  This article explains what these are and why you might care about them. BLAS and LAPACK A lot of modern technical... read more >>

R2022a was MathWorks biggest release ever 1

Every day, over 5000 MathWorkers start their work day thinking ‘How can I contribute to the acceleration of engineering and science today?’  It’s a wonderful thing to be part of and the 18 months... read more >>

[6 3 7 8 5 1 2 4 9 10] – or “A Story of Surprise About Randomness” 1

Back in late March, Tom Rhys Marshall discovered something about MATLAB’s handling of random numbers that he found both surprising and concerning! The randperm function generates a random permutation... read more >>

How to make a GPU version of this MATLAB program by changing two lines 1

In his article, A short game of Life, Steve Eddins showed us the following few lines of code that impemented Conway's game of life. Steve's version used a 750 x 750 gameboard whereas mine is using... read more >>

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