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3D Navigation

While MATLAB has always led the pack for visualizing multidimensional data sets, I've got to admit that its support for navigating 3-Dimensional space has always been a bit lacking. The camera toolbar gives you everything you want, but requires that you keep switching controls. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just use your keyboard to get around, just like playing Doom? Jörg Buchholz apparently thought so, too. Doom lets you explore your 3D scene with the familiar Doom controls. When you download Doom (and I know you will!), be sure to read the comments posted beneath the file. It's great to see the collaboration as Jörg incorporated feedback and suggestions from many users in frequent updates. I must say, I can't wait for Jörg to add the rotation feature. To make sure I know when he does, I subscribed to be notified when the file is updated. Did you know you could do this? Just enter your email address on any submission, where it says "Notify me when changes are made to this file".
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