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Escher, images, and chess

My blog has a rule, which I just now made up, that my second post during the month of September has to be totally off topic.

So you've been warned!

OK, you're still reading, so I want to ask you: Do you like to play chess?

A few years ago I was sitting in another developer's office here, staring idly at the Escher print on her wall. This print was a long, thin strip that went almost all the way around the top of the office walls. It showed many different geometric motifs merging from one form to another, in typical Escher fashion. It suddenly dawned on me that the chess pieces in one section of the print were arranged in a real chess position.

Here it is:

Escher chess board

So how about it, image processing / chess fans? What's going on in this position? Who is winning, and what are the next moves going to be?

Next time I'll return to discussing image processing, I promise.

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