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Thank you for using MATLAB Answers

This is a quick post to point more people to MATLAB Answers and to acknowledge our most prolific answerers. When this project was in its infancy inside MathWorks, I was (not so secretly) hoping it would get made so that I could be the highest reputation user on the site. It seems there are thirteen people that had a better plan than me!

We decided early on that we wanted MATLAB Answers to be “the premier place to get quick, correct answers to well phrased questions that have answers.” What did we mean by that?

  • Quick: Questions on MATLAB Answers were often answered in minutes.
  • Correct: Voting and acceptance of answers allows the community to highlight the correct answers
  • Well phrased questions: Being clear and concise in your question is the surest way to get answered.
  • That have answers: This format is designed for questions that can be answered, but not for discussions or subjective questions.

So thank you all for using MATLAB Answers. The high rate of questions being asked ensure there will be plenty of opportunity to develop your reputation as an Answerer of questions.

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