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Final MATLAB programming contest 2

Posted by Doug Hull,

I have been involved with the MATLAB programming contest in a meaningful way since about 2005, seven years later we are doing the final one, Knots. I hope you have enjoyed playing these as much as we have enjoyed designing them. I remember reading Games Magazine as… read more >>

Project Euler on Cody 1

Posted by Doug Hull,

I am a big fan of Project Euler. There are a series of math and programming problems there that people often use in honing their programming skills. Traditionally, there is one correct integer answer for each problem. I have been modifying the problems and posting them on… read more >>

Contest is on! Vines

Posted by Doug Hull,

Hey Contest fans, the new MATLAB contest is on. I am expecting this to be a great contest, several of us worked specifically on coming up with a good test suite for you to solve. By “good test suite”, I mean one that will be difficult, but fun… read more >>

Graphics challenge 10

Posted by Doug Hull,

When I teach the MATLAB graphics class for new technical support engineers at MathWorks, I have one major exercise for them to do. This is that exercise. if (typeof(playerLoaded) === ‘undefined’) {var playerLoaded = false;}(function isVideojsDefined() {if (typeof(videojs) !== ‘undefined’) {videojs(“mathworks-brightcove-player”).on(‘loadedmetadata’, function() {playerLoaded = true;});} else {setTimeout(isVideojsDefined, 10);}})(); This is… read more >>

MATLAB contest: sneak peak

Posted by Doug Hull,

There are two big events coming up that I want to share with you: MathWorks Virtual Career Fair on Thursday November 11th. This is an opportunity to talk directly with Engineers and Hiring Managers. The second is the MATLAB programming contest. … read more >>

Puzzler: Running it twice 12

Posted by Doug Hull,

As with many math geeks, I am fascinated with games of “probability theory and applied psychology” (also known as Poker!). At a recent game this debate came out: “Does running it twice change your expected value?” What does this question mean in plain English? Let’s give an example:… read more >>

Puzzler: Benford’s law 23

Posted by Doug Hull,

I had a question come in recently from Denmark about wanting to implement Benford’s law. I first heard about this law on the Radiolab episode about Numbers. Radiolab is one of my favorite podcasts, highly recommended! This law basically says that “in lists of numbers from many (but not all)… read more >>