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Implementing a Local File Cache for a Recurring Data Analysis Job: Part 3

Here I finish developing a local file cache for my video analysis function. In this phase, I incorporate the changes I made to my function into a web app that uses it. I hope it will greatly reduce… read more >>

Investigating a Failed Unit Test for My App

After I added a new UI control to my web app, in a live stream recently, I ran my full set of unit tests and one failed. So I need to investigate why and address.
Features covered in this code-along…

Adding a Cell Selection Callback to a Table in My MATLAB App

Here, I add a cell selection callback to a table in one of my MATLAB apps by copying this functionality from another app.
Features covered in this code-along style video include:

App…

Adding New Features to a Web App: Livestream on YouTube Today

I’ll be doing my Blog live today on YouTube at 11am EDT. It will be a code-along as I normally do, mostly working with App Designer, but I’ll try and answer the occasional question from… read more >>

Adding Another Column to a Table in my Web App

Here I am going to try and add an additional column to a table in my web app. Its been more than a year since I worked on this app, so I need to first find where in my code I do the table… read more >>

Investigating an Error in My Check For References Web App

Debugging and fixing a problem in a MATLAB web app, poses some challenges that you don’t have when working in desktop MATLAB. Here is how I typically do it, using a failure in one of my… read more >>

I Want To Add An “Are You Sure?” Alert To My Web App

The web app I’m working on manipulates a set of MAT files and lets me switch between them. Occasionally I will forget to save changes to a MAT file before I load a new one. So here, I want to… read more >>

Copying Text to the Clipboard in MATLAB Web App – Fail 2

I want to occasionally copy text from data in a table in my web app, so I try to add a line to the cell selection callback to copy the cell value to the clipboard. However, this first idea fails and… read more >>

Hiding Tabs in My MATLAB Web App 1

I’ve added a few tabs to my web app recently to provide some new functionality. However they are not needed for every user and they make the interface more busy. So I think I will try and hide… read more >>