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Trying to Reduce the Starting Time of My App

My app takes a while to start because it has to load a good amount of data from a database, then analyze it before its ready to be used. I have an idea of how to speed this up, so I’m going to… read more >>

Sending Myself a Notification When a Token is About to Expire

I often use tokens and other types of authentication to access web resources. There is one I use where the authentication expires after 1 year, and I’m often taken by surprise by this. So I… read more >>

Creating a Simple Function with Test Script

I need to create a simple function to do some string processing in one of my web apps. I thought I would try and show you a typical process of developing the algorithm, creating the function, adding… read more >>

Example of Using the Profiler to Help Reduce the Execution Time of a Function

I have a function which analyzes the contents of a few hundred folders. Its taking several minutes to run and I use it a lot, so I want to try and make it execute faster.
I propose using the profiler…

Switching a parfor to a parfeval

I use parfor a lot when processing large amounts of data. It could be on my local machine, or it could be on a remote cluster. It is very simple to convert a for loop to a parfor loop and often you… read more >>

Creating a Class to Generate a Non-Expiring Token: Part 2

Here, I make one or two more changes to my class that creates a non-expiring SharePoint token that I made in part 1. Then I go about updating my other functions to make use of the new class.
Features…

Creating a Class to Generate a Non-Expiring Token: Part 1 2

I create a lot of code that reads and writes to our internal SharePoint file storage. To do that, it needs to use an authorization token. This token is time limited to an hour and sometimes that… read more >>

Calculating the Duration of an Animated GIF file

I have a function that returns the duration of a video file. It only supports standard video files like MP4 or MKV and uses videoReader. I want to add support for animated GIF files which are not… read more >>

Plotting Data in a Loop to Visualize Progress: Part 2

In my last post, I prototyped some code that plots the progress of my data download job. I noticed that the axes were not correct, so I need to fix that and some other issues.
Features covered in…

Plotting Data in a Loop to Visualize Progress 3

I have a script that runs for many hours and downloads a large amount of data from a web service. It sometimes slows down or even stops, so I want to be able to understand its progress better by… read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 452