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Modifying a SharePoint Video Transcript

I need to be able to download the audio transcript of an existing Microsoft SharePoint video, modify it and re-upload it. I already have a few functions and components that will help me do this. I… read more >>

Adding Another UI Control to My MATLAB App

Here, I need to add another simple drop-down UI control to the app I’m making with in App Designer.
I recorded this on Monday, the last day before we all had to work from home due to COVID-19…. read more >>

Building a Web Server Monitoring App, Part 5: Hooking-up Some UI Controls 1

Now I have a basic working app that starts monitoring a specific server immediately. Next, I try and hookup some some UI controls correctly so I can start and stop it, and switch between… read more >>

Using a List of Anonymous Functions to Implement a Set of Checks on a Data Set

I need to perform a number of checks on the values in a large table. Currently I implement the checks in code in a script. I find it can be cumbersome if I want enable or disable certain checks, as I... read more >>

What is Doug Hull Up to These Days?

Doug Hull was the founder and owner of this blog for 10 years. I talked about his contributions in my first post.
Find out what he is up to these days in his interview with John Kelly over on the… read more >>

Modifying My Script to Add a Levenshtein Distance Column to My Table

Here I add another data column to my table, which is the Levenshtein distance between the redirecting source and destination URLs. This turns out to take much longer than I expected to compute, so I… read more >>

Developing a Function that Replicates an Excel Worksheet Template

I need to save multiple MATLAB tables into an Excel spreadsheet; one worksheet for each table. I want the worksheets to be formatted to be easily read. So I develop a function that will do this by… read more >>

Vacation Repost

Everyone, I will be out for the next few weeks. While that is happening I wanted to point my newer readers with two of the “long series format” that I have done before. They are just… read more >>

Importing data into MATLAB 1

With the new release of MATLAB, I was all excited to make a video about the tools for importing data into MATLAB. Then I realized that Sarah made an even better one. There are quite a few in this… read more >>

Release 2012B is live 6

Every six month we release a new version of MATLAB. This 2012B Release is kind of a big deal. There is a major change in the desktop that should increase the discoverability of features in MATLAB. … read more >>

Posts 1 - 10 of 22