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MATLAB Knots Contest Winners

And the winners of the MATLAB Knots Contest are…

Raphaël Candelier – Grand Prize Winner

Hannes Naudé – Prince of Darkness

Alfonso Nieto-Castañón – Twilight Prize

Richard Zapor – Early Bird and Sunday Push

Yi Cao – Saturday Leap

Congratulations to Raphaël for winning the Knots Contest with his submission Cheeeese.

Raphaël is a researcher in Physics and Biophysics at the University Paris VI (France). He currently works on zebrafish neuroimagery and routinely uses MATLAB. Believe or not, this was his first MATLAB contest.

You can find out more about the contest action and mini-contests by reading the contest blog. Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

If you want to learn more about players who have won MATLAB Contests over the years, check out our Contest Hall of Fame.

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